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HANNEKE VAN ASPEREN "An embrace of the hearts": divine union and the kiss in Lucas Cranach’s images of Charity
EVA L.E. JANSSENS World of wickedness: a remarkable sixteenth-century print of the parable of the good shepherd
JOSEF GLOWA The role of art in the cultural competition between Germans and Italians in the sixteenth century: Johann Fischart’s response to Vasari’s Vite (1568)
ISABEL ZINMAN From Ausonia to Batavia: the artists of Hadrianus Junius reconsidered
KARIN LEONHARD AND MARIA-THERESIA LEUKER Who commissioned Hollar’s shells?
TIJANA ŽAKULA Understanding the passions in the Age of Reason: another look at Messerschmidt’s "character heads"
SOPHIE KRUIJSSEN The middle classes and contemporaries as dramatis personae: David Wilkie and the emancipation of genre scenes in Europe


Volume 37   2013-2014   Number 3/4