jeffrey m. muller and xander van eck Foreword
ValÉrie Herremans The legitimate use of images: depiction, retable and veneration in post-Tridentine Flanders
Nancy J. Kay Crowning Mary and castrating Priapus: the Antwerp Jesuits and their spectacular lessons in idolatry
Sarah Moran Bringing the Counter-Reformation home: the domestic use of artworks at the Antwerp Beguinage in the seventeenth century
Eelco Nagelsmit Winter blooms in Brussels: performing the miraculous at St Dorothea's flower festival, c. 1640-60
Claire Baisier Seventeenth-century paintings of Antwerp church interiors as promotional material for architectural and decorative projects
Xander van Eck Pulpits in Leuven and Mechelen: visual sermons on divine grace and predestination


Volume 38   2015-2016   Number 3